Who Was The First Ruler To Consolidate The Slavic Tribes

Who Was The First Ruler To Consolidate The Slavic Tribes?

Who Was The First Ruler To Consolidate The Slavic Tribes?

Answer – Rurik is believed to be the first ruler to consolidate the slavic tribes.  He was born in Russia and became the leader of Russia in the 9th century.

Rurik is originally spelled as Riurik, he was a Varngian who happened to arrive in modern-day Russia in the 860’s at Ladoga Region. He immediately founded his first significant dynasty in the history of Russia called the Riurik Dynasty.

After rurik his heirs were able to establish certain geographical and political forms which are known as Kievan Rus. It is known to be the first incarnation of modern Russia. The Rurik rulers kept on ruling Russia till the 16th century.

The mythology of Russia speaks about this man as the official beginning of Russian History.

In this article we will be covering: Who Was The First Ruler To Consolidate The Slavic Tribes?

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Who Is Rurik?

The identity of the mythical Russian leader of the 9th century remains unknown. Rurik’s birthplace, titles, and family history are scattered in historic books with very little information.

In the 19th century, some scholars decided to find Rurik’s identity and came up with Rorik Of Dorestad, meaning he was a viking who stayed in the northern part of modern-day Germany, which was a viking age trading outpost.

However, they too could not really find any particular origin story of Rurik. Therefore the debate continues that he was the one to control the Novgorod e was some region. However, there have been some clues discovered from the primary chronicle.

It is very tough to untangle the history of a legend from just facts. But this document gives enough information about rurik for the world to know.  The basic fact is that rurik belonged to a Viking group, most likely from Germany and Sweden.

The job of the Viking group was to control trade routes across Northern Russia. They also successfully tied various other cultures together from Eurasia. 

There were various tribal groups along the northern trade routes near Novgorod that are often linked with the Varangian Rus leaders. 

How Did Kievan Rus Develop?

According to the legend, rurik with his brothers Truvor and Sineus founded the Holmgard settlement in Ladoga. New archaeological evidence says that Novogord was settled well before the 10th century, leaving people to think it was a small settlement in the southeast of the city.

The founding of the Holmgard made a new area in the history of Russia and therefore the three brothers became famous founders of the Rus ruling dynasty.

In 879 rurik died and his successor continued the Rus expansion in 882 by conquering the southern city of the kiev from Khasars and establishing the mediaeval state of Kievan Rus. the capital moved to the kiev and made two two kievan rus with the possession of their power. Novgorod and the Southern center in Kiev.

The tradition of Kievan Rus was that hier would look after the northern site of Novogord and ruling Rus king will remain in Kiev. For 100 years local tribes stayed and unified under the Rurik Dynasty.

But local culture and fractures continued the way it was before and also played a significant character in the temptation for maintaining order, which used to be given according to the varganian rule.

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Ending Thoughts

Here you go with Who Was The First Ruler To Consolidate The Slavic Tribes?. We have not only given the answer at the beginning of the article, but have also given information about who Rurik was, and a good elaboration of his dynasty in Russia.

It is a pride for every country to talk about their legend, especially when the information of legends is very little, and scholars of Russia have worked very hard into identifying the legend.

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