Who Was The First Pokemon

Who Was The First Pokemon?

According to Ken Sugimori the primary designer of pokemon, Rhydon is the first ever created pokemon. It is also the reason why the sprites of Rhydon are so broad in the original games.

Sugimori also mentioned two characters’ names that have joined Rhydon from the beginning of the series, they are known as Lapras and Clefairy.

The franchise has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, but pokemon is forever. The foreverness of pokemon can be seen in the numbers of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, it shows how people love poking around in Pokemon Go.

The pokemon universe has 800 pokemon. In this article we will be covering: who was the first pokemon. 

Here we will give some facts about pokemon that pokemon fans did not know about. 

Facts About Pokemon

We generally believe that if we are playing some game, we know everything about it. But I beg to differ. Recently when I went on a social experiment, asking people about pokemon facts, who are into the game or series, I found disappointing answers.

Therefore I decided to write a blog, and let people know some real facts about pokemon.

Fishing – Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

Let’s go back to the days when pokemon red and blue games, where to fish for pokemon inside the Rhydon statues was fun. The pokemon inside the statues were pokemon’s Gyms. Remember the old rod with which we used to bash the statue with, to encounter a Magikarp?.

There was a pool known as the watery areas, where we could fish for pokemon like Goldeen and Poliwag. There were no rare pokemon to be found but I still, always felt the novelty in saying ‘ I caught a pokemon from inside the Gym’. ah! Some days we have come across. 

Splash Do Not Mean Water 

Reading the word splash usually makes us think of water, but in Japanese, splash means both splashing in the water and hop, but usually the second one. Since the game is also Japanese, we understand why the word ‘splash’ has been used.

Therefore now it is clear as crystal water why the move can be learned from non-water-type pokemon like Hoppip and Spoink. The meaning also explains why splash is no more working when gravity is in effect.

Professor Oak’s Cry For A Nidorina

The first pokemon to see in the game, not to blame anyone for not noticing that professor Oak gives off the cry of Nidorina instead of Nidorino.

Professor Oak did that every time in the opening introduction of the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue games.

Wailord Is Not Heavy As You Think

Wailord is one of the largest existing pokemon, but the lord is so light that it could float in the air for being less dense. It only weighs 398 kilograms. Did you know that?

That is why its body mass index is 1.9. The BMI of humans is between 18 to 25 kilograms. 

Can You Mention The Original Pokemon Names?

In pokemon red and pokemon blue, some pokemon have different names than what we know now.

Koffing and Weezing were named NY and LA because of the polluted air in Los Angeles and New York.

Kabuto and Kabutops were named Att and Lantis, as a reference to Atlantis.

Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff were later adorably called Pudding and Custard.

The coolest name in pokemon was given to Gyrados, Sulkraken.

Who Is James Turner?

A British graphic designer named James Turner worked at game freak and later became the first westerner to design pokemon in the year 2010.

He was successful in designing 7 pokemon for pokemon in black and white, two for pokemon X and Y, and the other two for Pokemon sun and pokemon moon.

His designs leaned on the creepy side more, like Buzzwole, Guzzlord, etc.

Rotom’s Various Designs

Each Rotom’s other forms have been designed by different individual designers.

  • Wash Rotom was designed by Hiroki Fuchino. Did illustrations on pokemon trading cards.
  • Fan Rotom was designed by Motofumi Fujiwara. An illustrator on many pokemon trading cards.
  • Heat Rotom was designed by Lee Hyunjung. Designed Tepig and its evolution.
  • Frost Rotom was designed by Hironobu Yoshida. A designer in the pokemon franchise. 
  • Mow Rotom was designed by Yusuke Ohmura. Helped to design Xerneas and Yveltal.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with who was the first Pokemon. I have not only given the answer to the question at the beginning of the blog but have also shared a few facts about pokemon that many Pokemon lovers do not know.

This blog was just an idea to let people know a few facts about the pokemon universe.

Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us what you already knew.

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