Who Was The First Black President

Who Was The First Black President?

Who Was The First Black President?

Answer – John Hanson was the first Black president. He was the one to hold the office that was known officially as “President of the United States in Congress Assembled”. The time period was from November 5th, 1781 to November 1782.  He died in November 1783 long before the invention of photography therefore the African American man Could not have been this John Hanson.

Many people have come up with John Henson’s name and claimed that he was the first Black president of the United States of America but there are other people who believe this event to be untrue.

The reason for not believing John Hanson as a president of America was because there was no way that the people of that area would have voted for an African president. Not I believe in any kind of racism or discrimination it is just that the circumstances of that time could not afford a black president because black men at that time were playing the role of slaves. Therefore we know Barack Obama to be the first Black president of America.

In this article we will be covering who was the first Black president. to know more about this topic read the article till the end. 

Who Was John Hanson?

John Hanson, the name came forward to claim that he was the first Black president of America. But the internet provides proponents of conspiracy theories that reach a vast audience. Googling the phrase John Henson Fossil black President and it retrieved more than 350,000 hits.

Some experts argue that his signature was not found on the declaration of independence of the constitution but a black man appears on the back of the 2 dollar bill of the signing of the declaration of independence therefore there remains a conspiracy that keeps knowledge of Hanson’s African American identity.

Handsome died before even the constitution was created, as a delegate to the constitutional convention Which began in June 1780. The rectifier of the articles of Confederation was march 1st 1781, the skin color of one figure on the back of the 2 dollar bill is considered ambiguous.

The painting that was on the back of the note was based on the US Capitol by John Trumbull, and the painting had no figure that had black or brown skin.

The Two Hansons

There were 2  Hansons,  the first was the black former slave from Maryland who bought his own freedom and move to Liberia in 1827.  Liberia at that time was the west African Colony that had been founded by freed American slaves just a few years earlier.

Throughout the 1800s, organizations like the American colonization society have encouraged the enslaved Americans to relocate there therefore Henson the black Henson went on to become a Senator in Liberia.

The white John Hanson served as a delegate in the Continental Congress in 1780 under the influence of articles of Confederation and America’s initial Federal governance. After the ratification of the articles in 1781, the Continental Congress became the Congress of Confederation. Hanson was selected Among many of the delegates to serve as the first President of this body.

False Ruling

John Hanson who served as the first president of Congress was a white man.  The photograph that claims a black man to be the president of the USA is actually another John Henson who served as a librarian Senator in the 1800s.

photography at that time wasn’t invented therefore the first president of America never had a picture.  Therefore in January 2009, Barack Obama became the first Black president of The United States of America.

The research that claimed John Hanson was the first Black president of the USA is an absolutely false claim. People who started the debate on John Hanson being the black president probably have confused it with John Hanson the white-skinned who really was the first President of the United States.

Therefore Barack Obama remains the first Black President of The United States of America.

Ending Thoughts

Here you are with who was the first black president. There are false theories that say that before Barack Obama there was another black president, which is quite impossible in that era.

Later after much research, the truth came forward that there was a man named John Hanson who was the first president of America, but he was not black, he was white.

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