Who is The First Hokage

Who is The First Hokage?

Who is the First Hokage?

Answer: the First Hokage in Naruto is Hashirama Senju.

As the first-ever Hokage of Konohagakure, Hashirama Senju is the most important character in the Naruto mythos. He is known to be the most surprisingly mysterious character in Naruto.

The character is a legend in the Naruto universe, who happened to grow up in a war-torn era, and as the Naruto series became famous, he too became the First Hokage of Konohagakure.

He is known to be the strongest of his time. He rose to the top as the master of all the shinobi arts.

In this article I will be covering: who is the first hokage?

With that, I will give you facts that every Naruto fan should know about Hashirama. 

Facts About Naruto’s Hashirama Senju

People tend to watch series mostly when they are referred to. Few are there who finish the series and wait for more. In a busy life, it is not really possible to know everything about some fictional series that won’t help much in reality.

But as a big Naruto fan, I know fans like me do their best to keep updated.  Hence this blog. 

Strongest Clans Of Naruto Ranked Accordingly

Hasirama showed his viewers how he changed the world with just his visions and that is why he is the most loved Kage among Naruto fans.

There are not many things that the Hashirama character has revealed of his life, but the ones that have been shown were enough to make him the first hokage.  

Hashirama- God Of Shinobi

He was known to be the most powerful of his time. He believed if anyone could stand against him and fight then it is none other than Madara Uchiha.

With his powers Senju was above all, therefore everyone regarded him as a god. His powers are the reason why he gained the title of ‘God of Shinobi’.

Hashirama- Debut In Konoha

His character appeared in Naruto chapter 118, during the Chunin exams arc, Edo Tensai was used by Orochimaru to summon him to the battle to fight against Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage.

On the battlefield, Senju gave Hiruzen a tough time, by only using a fraction of his true and total power.

Hashirama- Kekkei Genkai

His power came from the mighty wood release kekkei Genkai. He possessed this ability since his birth. After him, there was no character seen in Naruto who could wield it through natural means.

As his name precedes his reputation, he could manipulate vegetation and used its full effect in battle. He was strong enough to change the surrounding into a forest. 

Hashirama- The Creator Of The Hidden Village

Senju could see the horror of wars, even from an early age, and how it will affect his people, therefore to save them all from this misery he wanted to create a hidden village with the help of Madara Uchiha.

By the time he became an adult, he rose to the top of the Senju clan and made peace with those of Uchiha, because of creating that hidden village.

Hashirama- Changed The World

The entire world started following Senju, after seeing what he had achieved with the model of a shinobi village. Therefore others started creating their own shinobi village to live peacefully with stability.

That is how Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Iwagakure and Kumogakure were born. The world changed because of Hashirama and Madra’s ideas. However peace is something that is hard to maintain throughout, therefore they too failed in maintaining that. 

Hashirama – Defeat Madara and The Nine Trails

Hasirama was known for his incredible powers, he showed that when he fought Madara in the battle. Nowhere to go but also craving victory Madara brought the Nine trails to fight Hashirama, who was too defeated by him.

The two of them kept fighting for days, but finally, the fight ends when hashirama kills Madara by stabbing him in the back.

Hashirama And Mito Uzumaki

After becoming the Hokage of Konohagakure, he married Mito Uzumaki to tie knots not only with her but with Uzushiogakure.

Hashirama – Collector Of Tailed Beasts  

He had the power to subdue the tailed beasts. His followers saw that during his fight with Uchiha and Kurama.

Later, he collected all the tailed beasts in the same way, and to maintain peace during the first Ninja war he distributed them among the hidden villages.

The idea was okay, but it did not stop the eruption of the Ninja fight. And soon after the first war, three more started.

Hashirama – A Reincarnation Of Ashura Otsutsuki 

He was one of the many reincarnations of Asura, who was the second son of the sage of Six Paths. Because of being the son of the sage he had tremendous chakras up his sleeves with great vitality.

Which later got boosted by being a member of the Senju clan. After Hasirama, Naruto became the reincarnation of Ashura Otsutsuki. While Sasuke Uchiha was reincarnated by Indra.

The two at the end were able to break their cycle of reincarnations at the valley.

Hashirama – Death 

His death was never mentioned or explained in the series. However, we know that he died with Tobirama Senju in the First Great Ninja War. Tobirama made himself a decoy and eventually died of that, and Hashirama died mysteriously.

It is believed that his high self-regeneration rate has made him age rapidly and therefore shortened his life span, killing him in the process.

Ending Thoughts 

Here you go with who is the first Hokage. I have not only mentioned the name at the beginning of the blog but also have given facts about Hashirama Senju, that many Naruto Lovers do not know of.

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